2023/2024 Class Schedule

*All classes are on Wednesday Evenings


  • Beginner (3-5)


  • Novice (9-11)


  • Intermediate (11-13)


  • Senior (14+)

    8:15- 9:30pm

  • Adults


Classes run the full year (September to April) and offer:

  • stretching/warm up;
  • choreography;
  • barre exercises; and
  • will build dancer’s strength and technique.

Dancers are provided beautiful authentic costumes and will perform on stage at few events such as:

  • Malanka (Ukrainian New Years);
  • Festival of Trees;
  • Year End Concert; and
    various other venues in Red Deer.


Most groups (aside from Beginners) participate in 2 competitions per dance season.

PLEASE NOTE: times subject to change dependent on class sizes

For more information on any of these classes, please contact us

Member Information

Parents’ Role and Expectations

• Please have your child to the studio on time and prepared for class.

• Dancers and instructors only allowed in the studio during class time. No parents, siblings, friends, etc. This can be very disruptive to the class. There will be specified class “viewing times” for parents and “bring a friend” days which will be at the discretion of the instructor. There are chairs in the lobby for parents and siblings waiting for dancers.

• There is no adult supervision before or after classes. Parents please be aware of this. Students who are not dancing must not be left unsupervised at the studio.

• It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange for pickup of students immediately following the students’ class.

• Please notify a member of the executive with any change in contact information. It is important that all members’ contact information is kept current so that we may be able to reach families regarding events, class cancellations, etc.

• In the event of last-minute class cancellations, i.e. inclement weather, we will send out notices via e-mail and/or FaceBook private group.

• It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure they are receiving newsletters and information distributed via e-mail and posted in the waiting room. Please check regularly, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure about something.

• Parents are encouraged to become actively involved and to communicate their comments, concerns, and ideas to make the dance experience an enjoyable one for both dancers and parents. Our annual general meeting is held in April and we strongly encourage all parents to attend to stay informed and offer any input, feedback, etc. We also hold executive meetings each month which are open to all parents/club members.

• It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the instructor is informed as soon as possible about a student’s potential absence from a performance, i.e. competition, year-end concert, etc. This will give the instructor time to adjust the choreography if necessary.

• Inappropriate and/or rude behavior by students and/or parents will not be tolerated. Meetings with the instructor and/or the board should be done in private.


Kvitka dancers participate in festivals/competition annually, allowing our dancers to showcase their dancing abilities. Southern Alberta Dance Festival (SAUDF) is held in March and Cheremosh Festival is in early May. Please note birth certificates may be required for registration to provide proof of age. Please watch for more information regarding these festivals in our upcoming newsletters.

NOTE: All Kvitka groups perform at these festivals except the Pre-Beginners. If you are unable to make a festival please let your instructor know as soon as possible.


Malanka, a Ukrainian folk holiday celebrated on January 13th, New Years Eve accordance to the Julian Calendar. We usually celebrate Malanka on the first Saturday after the 13th. Tickets to this event are available to members of the club as well as the general public. The event generally consists of a cocktail hour, dinner, entertainment by Kvitka (select groups) and is followed by a live band and dancing. Volunteers are needed for this event.

Please watch for upcoming newsletters/emails regarding more details for this event.

Year End Concert

To celebrate our year of dance, Kvitka hosts an annual Year End Concert. This concert usually takes place at the Memorial Center in mid April and will showcase all dances taught over the year. A photographer will be available for mini photo shoots as well as DVDs will be available for pre-purchase. This is a great opportunity to invite all family and friends to watch, as well as to invite any other families who may be interested in joining our club!

Canada Day

We are proud to be a part of the Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society event that brings together so many different cultures through dance and food! On Canada Day, July 1st we usually have a food booth that provides everyone the chance to enjoy a couple of our culture’s greatest and most known foods, Perogies and Kubasa! This event takes place at Bower Ponds where we perform on the Bower Ponds stage along with so many other talented groups. We usually have at least one dance practice on the Wednesday before July 1st. Volunteers are needed to help with the food booth. Your attendance and support at this event are truly appreciated!

Other Events

We are proud to be actively involved in our community. Entertaining others allows us to get an additional time to practice our dances as well as showcase our culture and share it with others. Other events we may attend are: Festival of Trees, Nursing/Retirement homes, Parades, Private Birthdays and Anniversary Parties.


  • Dancers please arrive on time for class ready to go. Please wait quietly in the lobby until previous class is finished unless otherwise specified by instructor.
  • No running, screaming, tag, wrestling, horseplay, etc.
  • Use the washroom before class.
  • Students are to bring their own water bottle to class; short water breaks are given.
  • Please put names on all items brought into the dance hall, i.e. water bottles, dance slippers, etc. We are not responsible for lost/stolen items.
  • No jewelry such as watches, dangly bracelets or earrings, etc that may get in the way and/or cause injury.
  • No food or gum in class.
  • Respect each other, your instructor, and the property. Dancers please pick up after yourselves, leave the dance hall and bathrooms clean.
  • No two dancers have the same abilities. It is expected that dancers treat each other with respect.

Dress code

• Attire should be body suit and tights/leggings.
•Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable, but dancer’s leg/foot position should be visible to instructor to observe technique (no baggy pants).
•Clothing should not restrict movement.

• Red slippers with elastic -Beginners only
•Tan jazz slippers
• Hair up and off face in a ponytail or bun

• T-shirt
•Shorts or slim-fitting sweat pants
• Black ballet shoes/jazz shoes

•Dance slippers are available at Fantasy Costumes in Red Deer

Costume Care

We are so fortunate to have the funds and ability to get costumes from the Ukraine at no extra cost to our dancers! The intricate designs and beauty of these costumes make our dancers proud to show off their talent and to be a part of the Ukrainian culture! In return, it is so important to properly care for these costumes.

Please follow the following:

  • DO NOT eat, drink or smoke in or near costumes; only water if needed
  • DO NOT put costumes on the floor
  • Always transport costume in a garment bag
  • Always hang up costumes immediately after use
  • Always hang up costumes when not in use
  • If costume requires laundering, please see the costume coordinator. DO NOT wash in washing machine!
  • Ensure costume is in good repair. Please promptly mend any loose buttons, pompoms, snaps, trim, etc. Fix any holes. If you are unsure or unable to maintain good repair please contact the costume coordinator!
  • Costume instructions will be given with each costume as well as hair and make-up instructions.