Costume Care

We are so fortunate to have the funds and ability to get costumes from the Ukraine at no extra cost to our dancers! The intricate designs and beauty of these costumes make our dancers proud to show off their talent and to be a part of the Ukrainian culture! In return, it is so important to properly care for these costumes.

Please follow the following:

  • • DO NOT eat, drink or smoke in or near costumes; only water if needed
  • • DO NOT put costumes on the floor
  • • Always transport costume in a garment bag
  • • Always hang up costumes immediately after use
  • • Always hang up costumes when not in use
  • • If costume requires laundering, please see the costume coordinator. DO NOT wash in washing machine!
  • • Ensure costume is in good repair. Please promptly mend any loose buttons, pompoms, snaps, trim, etc. Fix any holes. If you are unsure or unable to maintain good repair please contact the costume coordinator!
  • • Costume instructions will be given with each costume as well as hair and make-up instructions.